Dascena develops algorithms as predictive
biomarkers for complex conditions

Our suite of AlgoDiagnosticsTM  for acute decompensation, sepsis, and
acute kidney injury autonomously processes electronic health record data
to enable early intervention and lead to improved care outcomes.

Sepsis Randomized Clinical Trial

The NIH funded randomized clinical trial at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical
Center showed statistically significant reduction in mortality with InSight, our sepsis AlgoDiagnosticTM.

Sepsis Randomized Clinical Trial

Shimabukuro DW, Barton CW, Feldman MD, et al. Effect of a machine learning-based severe
sepsis prediction algorithm on patient survival and hospital length of stay: a randomised
clinical trial. BMJ Open Respiratory Research 2017;4:e000234. READ THE PAPER HERE >



Our NSF and NIH funded machine learning and clinical
research has led to twelve peer-reviewed publications.

Cape Regional Medical Center
Using InSight, Cape Regional Medical Center
decreased sepsis-related mortality by 60.24%
and 30-day readmissions by 50.14% and also
increased SEP-1 bundle compliance by 23.40%.
Cabell Huntington Hospital
Cabell Huntington Hospital attained double digit
reductions in sepsis-related mortality and length of
stay with InSight, which was more accurate than the
pre-existing rules-based sepsis detection system.
Bakersfield Heart Hospital
InSight was seamlessly introduced to Bakersfield
Heart Hospital and is being continuously tailored
to effectively meet the needs of the unique patient
population at this specialty hospital.
Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital
InSight was deployed house-wide at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital as a part of a patient care quality improvement initiative, where it easily fit into the clinical workflow.

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