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We bring data to life.

Our innovations help diagnose disease, improve the delivery of care, and save lives.


Get the right intervention
to the right patient
at the right time

The oft-touted potential of AI in clinical medicine is largely unrealized - many algorithms have been made, but few have reached patients. At Dascena, we're building both the algorithms and the infrastructure layer that enables those algorithms to be practically used.


Patient Care

We help doctors accurately diagnose patients earlier, enabling life-saving interventions.

With valued partners like:


Drug Development

We help researchers accurately identify patients most likely to benefit from new therapies.

With valued partners like:


Dascena’s algorithms have been validated by prospective studies, with results in 39 publications and 4 clinical trials.

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Our flagship sepsis prediction algorithm is used in health systems across the U.S., and was shown to reduce mortality by 40% in a real-world post marketing study of 75,000+ patients.

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We are seeing a positive impact for our patients through improved rates of survival.

Hoyt J. Burdick, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dascena’s advanced algorithm and diagnostic testing capabilities are transforming how we handle COVID-19.

Lynne Katzmann, Ph.D.

President and Founder

We needed to find a way to identify patients sooner - InSight does that.

Andrea McCoy, MD

Chief Medical Officer


FDA issues rare Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for an algorithm used to inform COVID-19 care

COViage provides HCPs with advance warning if a COVID-19 patient is at high risk for developing hemodynamic instability, which could require vasopressor or inotrope support, or respiratory decompensation, which could require mechanical ventilation. Identifying high-risk COVID-19 patients before they deteriorate can facilitate effective allocation of limited resources and identify patients most likely to benefit from increased care. Learn More »

In the News


FDA issues rare emergency authorization for an algorithm used to inform Covid-19 care

In less than a year, the pandemic has spurred the development of countless artificial intelligence models designed to aid in the diagnosis... Read »


Dascena wins FDA breakthrough device designation for AI to predict kidney injury

Dascena announced today that it received FDA breakthrough device designation for its Previse algorithm for predicting acute kidney.... Read »


East Bay company snags $50M in quest to detect sepsis (and maybe even Covid)

The entrepreneur got advice from the former CEO of one of the world's largest biopharma companies, dropped out of grad.... Read »

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