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Dascena Presents Poster Highlighting Machine Learning Approach to Predict Acute Heart Failure Risk at AHA Scientific Sessions

November 16, 2020

OAKLAND, Calif.--Dascena, Inc., a machine learning diagnostic algorithm company that is targeting early disease intervention to improve patient care outcomes, today announced that a poster highlighting the ability of a Dascena machine learning algorithm to predict acute heart failure (AHF) risk in patients is being presented during the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions, which are being held virtually from November 13-17, 2020. The poster is titled, “A machine learning approach to acute heart failure risk stratification.”

AHF syndromes are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Patients at high risk of AHF are likely to experience re-hospitalization or death post-discharge. Dascena’s machine learning algorithm demonstrated an area under the receiver operating curve (AUROC) of 86% for the prediction of AHF diagnosis with prescription of a vasodilator using vital signs and laboratory results, and an AUROC of 76.7% using a vitals-only model. Predictions from the vitals-only model were made an average of 38.5 hours prior to AHF diagnosis, and predictions incorporating laboratory results were made an average of 34 hours prior to AHF diagnosis.

“AHF risk stratification remains a significant unmet need in the patient community, and we are encouraged that our machine learning model is a useful method for predicting AHF,” said Jana Hoffman, Ph.D., vice president of science at Dascena. “The ability to identify patients at high or low risk for AHF may lead to earlier diagnoses and treatment. This will not only accelerate effective treatment and reduce the duration of hospital stays, but will ultimately improve patient outcomes in the long term.”

About Dascena

Dascena is developing machine learning diagnostic algorithms to enable early disease intervention and improve care outcomes for patients. For more information, visit dascena.com.

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