Dascena publishes on improved sepsis-related patient outcomes

Dascena publishes on improved sepsis-related patient outcomes

October 1, 2017

In this study Dascena analyzes the effects of implementing InSight throughout a hospital. The findings are published in BMJ Open Quality.

In order to address the challenge of detecting sepsis earlier with higher accuracy, Cape Regional Medical Center and Dascena collaborated to form a quality improvement team, working to implement InSight across different hospital wards, collect and incorporate feedback, and tailor the system to accommodate hospital workflow. In this initiative, CRMC saw sepsis-related in-hospital mortality rate decrease by 60.24%, sepsis-related hospital length of stay decrease by 9.55%, and sepsis-related 30-day readmission rate decrease by 50.14% relative to pre-implementation periods. This study not only demonstrates InSight’s positive impact on sepsis management and outcomes, but also its prospective generalizability to a community hospital.

Read the paper here.

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